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Topic review - Patch 450
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: Patch 450  Reply with quote
Im glad you can finish the campaign now! :D I'm still on mission 2 lol (i'm so bad at this game)
Yeah, the mouse cursor was a little annoying but never a big deal. Still glad it's taken care of!
The campaign text changes are up to mission 13 now, so they'll all definitely be done by mission 15. I'm gonna figure out a list of rules to go by when I start working on card descriptions so everything sounds similar. Like "place" vs "put"
Post Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:27 pm
  Post subject:  Re: Patch 450  Reply with quote
Good Stuff Bubbles. The fix that affects me most positively is the campaign 13 bug. The unnecessary fix that I like the most is mouse cursor now disappearing at the edge of the screen. :P
Post Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2012 7:36 pm
  Post subject:  Patch 450  Reply with quote
Patch 450 is now officially ready for download! Updates include:
-Tournament Lobby UI changes ("Enter Tournament" -> "Register," Quit Tournament was moved up, and added an Exit Lobby button)
-Campaign Missions 1-6 have had their intro's and pop-ups slightly modified. Missions 7-15 will be updated in the next patch. Updates include fixes to spelling and grammatical errors
-Campaign Mission 13 will no longer cause the game to crash after turn 0 plays back (Huzzah!)
-Tournament Lobbies should no longer linger around even after players start their match
-The "Losses" section of the results screen after a game now works properly
-The Co-Op turn 0 exploit is now fixed
-When moving the mouse outside of the client (windowed mode only), the custom mouse image will no longer stay on the edge of the screen

So what do you think? See anything you're really excited for? Upset that something isn't on the list? Let us know!
Post Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2012 5:33 pm

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