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 Post subject: First impression of the single player
PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:51 am 
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So, since the single player campaign is finally online here are my first impressions after playing mission 1-4 (of 15).

First of all it's very much fun to play the campaign. The briefing before each mission tells a short story in comic style, very nice.
The ingame briefing sometimes gives some hints, like where to search for a unit and tells what to do (in fact i destroyed hq in the first 4 missions as i didnt want to wait for cp win in mis. 3+4).
Then there are ingame explanations like this is your deck, res gives money, 2 kills give update, etc. These are very nice for new players, but pleeeease give me the chance not to show them, if i don't wanna see them. And don't give the same explanations in 2 missions (i get the veteran tip in mis. 1 +2 at least, i think in the others as well).

In mission 2 you have to free a unit, maybe i missed it as i clicked the explanations away fast, but i think it's not well described how to free them exactly (your unit next to locked unit).
And yery important: In the first missions you are told hq only can bulid certain units. Firstly tell this before deck building, as it has influence for your cards. And you can build the other units with your cards(enlists, buffed units, airport, factory), so maybe restrict the cards, if you want us to play with certain units only.

The difficulty seems ok, the easy missions were some harder as i thought and remember from the training & coops, but i like it.

So last but not least price and prize: Single player costs 20$, it's about 15€ (some less at the moment). It's a fair price i think if you see the prizes. Most missions give a pack, sometimes cards, like resupply the troops (rare, but i needed it), full repair (ultra), hth (ultra) and some minor cards (adr shot e.g.). All in all 10 packs and 2 ultra rares, so really worth the money. I hope the next missions will be even more fun :)

 Post subject: Re: First impression of the single player
PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:00 am 

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Played single player as well. I agree with most of Denyo's points.

$20 is not cheap, but the 10 packs, 2 ultra rares, and a lot of fun, make it a good deal.

I like the story so far and the missions are pretty fun to play. Not super easy but not hard enough to get frustrating .

I agree some of the basic pop up instructions come up too often for a good player, but I can live with closing them.

Well done. :D

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