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 Post subject: Vision and Hills
PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2012 2:54 pm 
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One thing that has always seemed weird to me is how vision works regarding hills. Suppose you have the following setup, where X is a unit on low terrain and H represents a hill:


If the unit has at least three vision, it can see units on every hill. Now suppose the following situation, where X and H are the same but now L is considered low ground.


A unit in the position of X that can see at least three squares can see either H but not the L. To a large extent this makes sense, but intuitively for some reason I have a hard time recognizing that the unit can see the far hill. For some reason my mind tells me that it must be impossible to see the far hill. My mind pictures something like the following drawing:


I guess the thing is that if you are on flat land, you should probably only be able to see one hill away, and even if there were two adjacent hills you would not be able to see the second one. The reason it doesn't seem strange to be able to see two hills away in the game (i.e. X H H) is because on the map the hills have flat tops and back to back hills (H H) really appear as one larger flat hill.

In other words, whenever two (or more) hills are adjacent, they are merged on the map into essentially one larger hill, so it seems natural to be able to see further than one hex into the hill from the flatlands. But whenever there is a break between hills, the eye reads them as two hills and intuitively you would not be able to see a second hill past a first hill when you are on flatlands.

Does anybody else find this strange? Have other people had to adjust their natural thinking to account for this vision in the game.

 Post subject: Re: Vision and Hills
PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 7:57 am 
Battle Dex Testing Team
Battle Dex Testing Team
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When you bring trees into this, its even better :) . Also seeing air unit should be easier than seeing infantry, what are sizes of the units and the hills, why does not moving up the hill have movement penalty, why doesnt elevation give you sight bonus...

Its not logical, it gets some time to use to it, but any rule you would think of would be illogical in some way. All games have their set of rules, rarely entirely logical, you need to learn the rules and use them to your advantage as best as you can.

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