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 Post subject: New Card Ideas - Ultras
PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:20 pm 
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I was in the mood to make some power cards so here we go :-)


Name: Enlist Artillery, AA, and Recon
Cost: 225g (60g savings)
Duration: Permanent
Text: Place an Artillery, AA, and Recon unit in your starting area.


Name: Tough Heli (and every other unit)
Cost: 250g
Duration: Permanent
Text: Place a Heli in your starting area with +20% armor that heals 10hp each turn.


Name: Unstoppable
Cost: 115g
Duration: 3 turns
Text: Heal one mechanical unit 50hp each turn for 3 turns.


Name: Elite Mercenary Fighter (and every other unit)
Cost: 135g
Duration: 5 turns
Text: Place a Mercenary Fighter in your starting area with less HP than a regular fighter. It has +50% movement, +1 vision, and +1 range.


Name: Heroism
Cost: 150g
Duration: 4 turns
Text: Transport one unit adjacent to a friendly unit. It now counts as a hero and can be buffed but not debuffed. The unit is destroyed in 4 turns.


Name: Mass Kevlar
Cost: 120g
Duration: Permanent
Text: Give 4 infantry units +40% armor.


Name: Dispense Adrenaline
Cost: 35g
Duration: Permanent
Text: Permanently increase 2 infantry unit's movement by +1.


Name: Ballistics Tech
Cost: 50g
Duration: Permanent
Text: Increase one ground vehicles weapon range by 2 and it is immobilized.


Name: Infiltrator
Cost: 50g
Duration: 3 turns
Text: Give one Infantry unit +40% armor, +2 movement, camouflage, and heals 10 hp each round. Unit cannot fire while camouflaged.


Name: Cripple
Cost: 40g
Duration: Permanent
Text: Target Infantry unit's movement is reduced by 50%. Heroes are immune.


Name: Abandon Trooper
Cost: 130g
Duration: Permanent
Text: Replace a friendly ground vehicle with an Infantry unit that has +1 hex speed, +40% armor, +100% firepower, +1 vision, and +1 range. It can see hidden units.

Name: Guerilla Ambush
Cost: 100g
Duration: 1 round
Text: Place 3 infantry units next to a friendly unit that have camouflage, +100% firepower, +1 vision, +1 range, and can shoot while camouflaged. These infantry are immobilized.

(These units are placed like smoke where they just to be adjacent to each other, not all adjacent to the original unit)

 Post subject: Re: New Card Ideas - Ultras
PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:02 pm 
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Very creative ideas... As per usual!

The cards in this game could really be so diverse. You could take them anywhere with it, and make very unusual and interesting strats with them. I feel that only the surface has been scratched so far.


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