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 Post subject: Go / Baduk / WeiQi
PostPosted: Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:35 pm 

Joined: Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:51 pm
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After Victim revealed, that he is also playing Go (or Baduk in korean or weiqi in chinese, but i will use Go) i thought, maybe there are more players here. Or maybe someone wants to play, but never had a chance to until now.

Short introduction:
Go is an ancient asian board game. Some like to compare it to western chess. It is played on a 19x19 lines grid, with black and white stones. All stones look the same, so no special ones. Stones get placed in alternating orders, can't be moved, but captured, if fully enclosed by opponents stones. Whoever captures more stones or surrounds more empty intersections on the board, wins the game.
One might have seen it in various movies like Beatiful Mind.
Nowadays it has a fairly huge playerpopulation in Japan, Korea and China. Those are the leading nations, having quite a lot of profesionals, competing for fairly nice prizemoneys. Korea alone has 2 TV-Stations only dedicated to Go/Baduk, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Outside of those, Thailand has 1 Million players, most european countries have only between 300-4000 active tourneyplayers. Don't know numbers for the US though.

So who else is playing? :D
I'm right now european 3D, also 3D on KGS, 5D on Tygem and 7D on WBaduk.
Studied for a while in Korea and Budapest, so got in touch with a fair amount of pros, and it was quite fun. :D
Usually on KGS under the ID 'MaLa'

If anyone is intrested in learning the game, i can always teach (if i can BD-knowledge in advace even better *g*), just ask me.
There is also a really good online-tutorial available under http://playgo.to/iwtg/en/
To play, most english speaking ppl use: http://www.gokgs.com. Joining the BeginnersRoom (under Rooms>>Lessons) might be useful in the beginning. Or just watch some stronger players battling it out at first. :D

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