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 Post subject: How to do better?
PostPosted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:09 pm 

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Hi, how to do better in this game? I felt the start was terrible, but somehow i was always able to keep it close, up to the point, when my 2nd ress slipped away (should have sent AA there...)
Afterwards it was just a delaytactic, trying to somehow grab a lucky cp.

sadly there were not enough ress piled for the hero, when the rec on south spotted those 4 units, and the incoming arty killed the rec (nor did i have an minorarty, which would have ended the game there most likely *g*) i guess moving the rec back and forth to get the lthero there next turn would be much better

Also i missed, that i have to stand still on a cp to cap it. Thus i moved around to avoid dmg to my almost dead inf capping there. I thought, if it is the same inf, at both turns, it gets capped. Obv not :(

and one last question: I also had an merc Art, but was not sure, if it is worth to bring on this map. On smaller maps, i would for sure, but here it felt hard to get it close in time, and the action is likely to be split, so it might a waste. So i decided for the MercHT, which is slightly faster and might mop up one side quickly. Even though i never used it. Mistake, i guess.

really last question. How do you rate this deck as a sealed deck? Someone seemed angry, when he lost to it before, but i felt, it was not a bad deck, but not that amazing either. Even though, to me it felt, its performance is also mapdependent, as the other game was on Lagoon, which seemed perfect.

 Post subject: Re: How to do better?
PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 1:43 pm 
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Other players may have different opinions, but I'll share mine.

1) This is a smaller map. Merc Arty can be used on it.

2) I wouldn't like to bring that many merc units with me. If you start with almost all mercs, come turn 5/6 you will have very little troops.

3) The start is important. You rushed his infantry and he rushed yours. However, both your infantry died, while only one of his died. This is mostly because you sent a merc infantry to your first resource and you sent your tech infantry middle. Reversing the roles of these two units would be advised.


This map has a tricky dynamic. There is one factory in a corner by each player's base. There are two more factories dead middle, one towards the top and one towards the bottom. There are also two control points near the middle factories, but each one is slightly closer to one players base than the other. Figure out which control point is closest to your base, and mentally consider that this control point (along with the factory next to it) will belong to you.

Here is why the map is tricky... the control point and factory in the middle deemed to be yours, is opposite in terms of top/bottom than the resource nearest your base. In your case mahrgell, you moved an infantry north to capture the factory by your base, yet what I'm telling you is that the middle factory and control point you need to focus on capturing first is on the south side of the map.

This is what I think you should have done: 1) Don't bring the merc infantry 2) Build the tech infantry turn 1, and move it to the top right factory near your base 3) Send troops along the bottom road to protect the south-middle control point and factory 4) After taking the top right factory by your base, move the tech infantry south-west towards the bottom control point and factory.

Most players expect that the infantry you use to capture the factory by your base will then move to the closest middle factory... but the closest middle factory to the factory by your base is technically their factory, since the control point next to it is closest to them. There was a recon waiting for your merc infantry to kill it. The way you avoid this is by not sending that infantry to the closest middle factory, but to the further middle factory, where you should already have troops protecting.

 Post subject: Re: How to do better?
PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:51 pm 
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Mahrgell, your actions remind me of how i played a few months back. It was really frustrating back then. When you see me online, hit me up. We can watch the replay at the same time, turn by turn, and i'll tell you what i think. I'm not an expert at sealed, but i can definately help.


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