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 Post subject: Tips for Beating Campaign Level 14 (SPOILER ALERT)
PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:26 pm 
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I would be interested to see if other people used a strategy other than this but I will give my tips on how I beat campaign level 14.

Unlike some maps and levels, the units that the enemy sends at you are not exactly the same. On some turns and from some directions, they do appear to always be the same, but from some directions on other turns they have been different for me. Therefore, there is a certain amount of skill needed to beat this level because the computer opponent is not exactly identical each game. That being said...

Cards I used:
1) Enlist Two Artillery
2) Enlist Two AA
3) Enlist Two Fighters
4) Sniper
5) Fortify
6) Air Power
7) Squadron Leader
8) Major Air Overhaul
9) Major Repair
10) Major Repair
11) Major Repair
12) Full Repair

Hero Management

You lose the scenario if one of your heroes dies and this was the most common way I would lose. I'll start with how I generally managed each hero.

Husky (Helicopter): On turn one I work Husky south to have him help deal with the recon that are sent from the south (every time). They will appear on about turn 2,3, or 4 depending on how far south you travel to intercept them. I then use Husky to block the two speed buffed Heavy Tanks that are sent from the lower west on turn 7. It is imperative that Husky block their entrance on turn 7. Although they are accompanied by AA and sometimes a fighter, have Husky and artillery (including Cannon) on the left side of your base target the AA first. You can use Flak to safely deal with the fighter once one of the heavy tanks is dead - Heavy Tank can shoot 3 so you need to be 4 spaces away from it; because Flak can shoot 5 he can hit the plane behind one heavy tank.

The next task for Husky will be to protect the lower left control point. On turn 12, kevlar delta infantry will move on top of that control point if you are not there first. I will discuss this separately, but Husky needs to be on top of it by then. He may encounter an AA on the way. He should target this first and you should use Cannon's long range to help finish it off quickly. Once both kevlar delta infantry are dead (the computer will send one from the west entrance and one from the south entrance) you need to get Husky back to your base. Its important that when you return him to your base, you move him directly north-east and enter from the west side as opposed to first moving east and then moving north. If you move Husky east first, you risk encountering one or more AA heroes coming from the south entrance. Once Husky is back in your base, keep him there for defense and don't be risky with him. All in all, I often used two of my major repair cards on Husky.

Cannon (Artillery): On turn one, I move him two hexes east and one hex north-east. I keep him there until the light tank coming from the northeast entrance is dead. I then move him one hex south-west and one hex west. I generally keep him here for the rest of the game, occasionally moving one hex west (to his original starting location) or one hex east depending on where I need help. The only real danger for him is if he is in his original starting location on turn 9. On turn 9, the computer will get vision on your left side because of a recon unit that pops onto a hill and having Cannon up against the wall on turn 9 may endanger him to enemy artillery fire. I don't recall ever needing to heal him in any of my games.

McKracken (Tank): I move him south from his starting location to help deal with the early wave of southern recon. As soon as I see the recon, I move him back northward (he is a bit slower than them) to prevent him from taking unnecessary shots from them. After the recon are dead he will be back in my base and will help protect the lower right hand side of the base. You need to be cautious with him and try to prevent him from taking unnecessary damage. At certain points Heli Heroes and/or Fighter Heroes may attack from the south-east entrance and if he has low life he could suddenly die without much warning. Often the full repair card will be used on him at some point.

Dagnor (Recon): There are four walls of hills protecting your base, one to the north, south, east and west. On turn one, I move Dagnor to the east wall of hills and position him on the second most northern hex on this hill. For almost the entire game, he will be both safe and very useful being positioned on this hex. Occasionally I will move him to the highest hex on the east hill, especially when a Heavy Tank Hero comes from the east along the bottom - forgetting to move him when this happens can spell disaster. Late in the game, a Heli Hero may approach from over the east hills and he may need to relocate. Its important to leave a hexagon open for him to back off the hill into your base in case you need to quickly retreat him. You may need to use a major repair card on him - this would usually happen for me if I forgot to move him up a spot when a Heavy Tank Hero went by.


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 Post subject: Re: Tips for Beating Campaign Level 14 (SPOILER ALERT)
PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 2:25 pm 
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General Tips

Middle Control Point/Sniper: On turn one, build an infantry and move it onto the control point in your base. After it takes that control point, move it three hexes west to the location that Cannon started the game. On the next turn, play the sniper card on it and move it one more spot west onto the hill. I then leave it there for the rest of the game. It will provide helpful vision and some support on the left side. Normally it won't die, but ironically it died somewhat early in the game that I finally beat this level.

Left Control Point: Use the delta on the left to move south and take the control point ASAP. As mentioned previously, you will use Husky to protect this control point from being walked upon in turn 12. Its best to get Husky sitting on the control point itself, and this may require moving directly there after the speed buffed heavy tanks from the left side have been dealt with. Also, send one - or preferably two - planes to help Husky protect this control point (but not your super-fighter). After the two infantry attempting to take it have been killed, you can ignore it. Although the computer will recapture it later, at the point when it does you have a big enough victory point lead to sit out protecting the control point by your base.

Right Control Point: Ignore this completely. The computer will take this control point early in the game and send troops to help capture and protect it. By ignoring it - and the troops it sends for protection - you will create an essential roadblock that keeps Dagnor's position relatively safe and you will have to fight less troops.

Right Factory/Right Delta: Use your delta infantry on your right side to capture this ASAP then move your infantry to the hill with Dagnor and have him assist in protecting the south-east entrance, while moving a hex or two here and there for purposes of avoiding detection. If Dagnor is forced to retreat from this hill, this Delta will play a vital role in vision of the south-east entrance, even though his vision range is only three. When the computer captures this factory, do not attempt to retake it.

Left Factory/Delta: After I would capture the left control point, I moved that delta infantry as follows. Four hexes north-east (onto bottom hill). Two hexes north-east then two hexes north-west (to top hill). Four hexes north-east. Four hexes to the left (captures factory). After capturing this factory, I move the delta infantry east and then south-east and position him on the west hill just north of the sniper. At some point the computer will capture the left factory from you and I will use this delta to retake it.

When the computer captures the left factory with a delta kevlar infantry, that infantry will simply sit and protect the factory, even if shot at from distance. However, there will also be a fighter very near it. The way I would re-take it is by first clearing it with my super-fighter along with an AA. The super fighter and AA make quick work of the fighter protecting the infantry. Once the fighter is dead, the infantry is easy to pick off - the super fighter has the vision to see hidden units and both it and the AA can shoot four hexes while the delta kevlar can only shoot three hexes. After it is dead, retake it with your own delta infantry. The left factory will likely be taken again late in the game; when this happens don't attempt to retake it again.

Super-Fighter/Northern Protection: Very few enemy troops attack from the north, but its important to stop the ones that do. On turn 4 a fighter will move onto the far north-east corner of the northern hills protecting your base. With three well positioned AA along with a well positioned Flak and Super Fighter, this will die as soon as it pops on this hill without ever firing a shot. Following it is a light tank. I start the game by placing two artillery against the right wall. After the enemy fighter dies on turn 4, move your super fighter, along with a regular fighter, onto the right side of your northern hills and the light tank will also die quickly without having fired a shot.

Next, you will have to deal with a fighter and artillery hero coming from the north-west along with a recon coming from the north-east. It is important to deal with these by using only the super fighter and a regular fighter, as you will need the rest of your troops to deal with enemies attempting to enter your two southern entrances. If you position your super fighter and fighter on the top left hill (of the northern hill protecting your base) and the hill south-east of it, you will block the fighter and recon from entering your base and getting vision for the artillery hero.

After the recon and fighter are dead, finish off the artillery hero (maybe use Cannon's long range to speed this up) and then move the regular fighter south-west to assist Husky protect the left control point. This fighter may be injured and this fighter may end up dying - so be it. The computer will then send a recon hero and ranged arty from the north, but the recon hero will simply position itself on a hill far north or your base. Keep the troops in your base from being too far north and his recon hero will be essentially worthless, although your Super Fighter can be used to kill it safely anyway. But use the super fighter to first kill the ranged artillery, though, and shortly after you will need it to recapture the north-west factory.

Late in the game the computer may send some speed infantry from the north and very late in the game they will probably send two fighter heroes while you are making your final defense. Other than that, there is nothing to worry about from the north after the ranged artillery. At some point I use the Major Air Overhaul card on the super fighter (usually right after I retake the north-west factory). The super fighter can then be used carefully to help with vision on the south and west sides.

Turn 9: This is an important turn to keep track of. Toward the end of turn nine, the enemy will place a recon onto the second range of hills to the west of your base. This recon will give the computer vision of any of your artillery up against your western hill, and the computer will likely have artillery in position to shoot them. Make sure you have no artillery pressed against your western hill on turn nine to avoid taking critical damage.

Turn 15: Another very important turn to keep track of. On this turn, a massive southern force will attack you. The exact troops in this force seem to vary, but it almost always seems to include BOTH a Fighter Hero and Heli Hero coming from over your southern hills. If McKracken is injured and is too far south, this is an easy turn to lose on. Be sure to have lots of AA ready, but beware, this attack may include two heavy tanks entering from your south-east entrance as well.

Fortify Card/Artillery: I use the fortify card early in the game as soon as an artillery unit gets in the hexagon directly in the middle against the right hand wall of hills. I generally will have three total artillery on the right and three total artillery on the left (including Cannon) and may buy one more late in the game that I move around as needed. Because you may use different cards than I did, I should make one important note. None of your artillery on the right side should have a range buff. If they do, at some point they will shoot and kill the heavy tank that acts as a roadblock near the control point on the right side.

Good Luck!!! :)

 Post subject: Re: Tips for Beating Campaign Level 14 (SPOILER ALERT)
PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 2:50 pm 
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awesome thread, thanks for the contribution!! I can't read it (i'm only on mission 3 :P) but it looks very very helpful!

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