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 Post subject: The Last Airbender
PostPosted: Sat Jul 03, 2010 1:28 pm 
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TERRIBLE. ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. I love the series, and the movie ruined EVERYTHING. I get that they wanted to tell a slightly differnet version of the story, and they had to mispronounce things due to copyrights, but GEESE

The actors are terrible -- the actING is terrible
They left out maaaajor parts of the 1st book's story
They mention Sozin's comet as 3 years away when it's really 6 months...
They completely disregarded ALL of the cultural aspects of the 4 nations, including heritage, actors' appearances, and bending styles.
They left out ALL of the silly, kiddish, comedy aspects. In the entire first book, Aang is hysterically funny because.. well he's a 12 year old kid! he's immature and not serious about stuff!

They ruined bending. This is my biggest complaint. In the show they made it CLEAR that.. okay well here's an example.
An earth bender steps forward and sends energy/chi through his body into the ground, and thus a stone pops up. Then he flows his movement from that stepping forward to a punch, which sends the stone forward like he punched.

Now, think of a kung fu movie where some guy does a lot of jumps, spinds, and "whooooo-AH!" sounds that do absolutely nothing. This is how they bended in the movie.... TERRIBLE

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 Post subject: Re: The Last Airbender
PostPosted: Sat Jul 03, 2010 1:48 pm 
Battle Dex Testing Team
Battle Dex Testing Team
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Lots of movies do that, you should not put much hopes into them :) But I dont really care here as I have not read books, heavy not seen single epizode of series and really dont need to see this movie.

And best thing is when writer/director says that he did not even read book the movie is based on, which is most of the times :) .

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