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 Post subject: two special tornament ideer
PostPosted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:49 pm 

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the first is man begame on the beginning 1500 money for the match but in the match you became not more
for the full match also ou must plan all units befor you set some one
you can highest build 3one turn and can hieghest have 9 on the map to same time
your onl ziel is to defeat the oponent base you not can take more as 5 carts in deck


THE tournanet goes on special maps for 8 player highest or at liest 4 player
it have a turn cup to 10 turn for all player -10. efery 10 turn the game look on the statitic and the player this is on the last place lose zb (4 players two have 750 base lp over 1 has 300 over and one 150 then the player with the 150 lp lose) or zb 2( one player has lose the most unit and all base has full life points on the 10 turn then he lose ) the maps are not very big so all player can in the teorie atack all other base when one player lose all is resettet (money and carts not resetted) and the player they are over get 300 extra money then the match gontuines with the overlife players to the moment one player only survife when more player as 8 want play the tourney zb 16 then in the matches overlife two player the round and is give a final 4player round

it came a time i controled the full world
but today i must first win vs my cat to controled the house
shit the cat win

iam not caitiff , or is it caitliff to stand 500 metre away from the oponent and shot with a sniper from behind

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