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 Post subject: League Games
PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2010 4:27 pm 

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Another thought we could do League type play, all signed up, will start with 3 packs, these if possible would be recorded and you can only play with these cards.

Folks can play anyone they want, you Only can get points from playing a person Once a day.
So if I play Breathoffire2 Four times in League Games, and some how I win 2 games and he wins 2 games, we both would get 3 Points for one win.

The more games you play the more points you get, but the more you win a lot of points you get.

The idea is the get the most points by the end of the League, 2-3 months.

Win 3 Points
Lose 1 Point

Once a week all but the top 10-15% of players, can add a Pack to the cards usable in League games.
This helps even the playing field keeps things interesting and keeps people playing.

During the League there can be a Special League only Tourneys, where points will not be used, but the League cards will, and the top placers will get to add a pack, the winner 2 packs to League cards.

I have seen this format bring in lots of players in other games, it may be worth looking at.

After the Time is done, the top players with two Randoms for the rest play a big Tourney.

The games could go out in emails, so the only extra would be keeping the League Cards separate from the rest of the collection, not sure how hard this would be to program as the code is now.

Give me all you feedback and ideas to improve, I'll wrap it up in one document and push to Devs.


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