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 Post subject: Suggestions to keep subscriber base for v2
PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 3:52 am 
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Note: I originally posted this in the v2 suggestion thread, but that is specifically for client improvements so I moved it here.

All of these suggestions relate to creating and maintaining a consistent SUBSCRIBER base.

PVP suggestions:

1) There needs to be a SCHEDULED and consistent release of cards. By release I mean at least 30 new cards or so. The releases should occur 3-4 times a year and times of release should be PUBLIC. Players need something to look forward to. Consider releasing what some of the cards will be as teasers as the time for release gets closer to create buzz and keep players excited.

Totalbiscuit complained in his "WTF is Battledex" that there were not enough cards and I agree. Without consistently adding a significant amount of cards, pvp gets "stale" and predictable very quickly.

Premium players should also be able to choose between opening a normal pack and a seasonal pack, which would only contain the new cards and not the old ones. The new cards should be added to the normal packs as well though.

2) While Battledex v1 did a good job (while it was active) of hosting small tournaments every day, there also needs to be large tournaments at least twice a month.

Give players a reason to log on consistently because if they are not frequently using the client they will likely stop playing and possibly cancel their account.

3) Give premium subscribers access to a map editor. Premium players could make maps that could be played in private games and there could be contests/tournaments to add a particular map to the battlematch rotation or tournament map rotation.

While this takes some work up front (creating a nice looking and working map editor), it will pay dividends as user generated content requires a lot less work in the long run for great new content. New content keeps things interesting and players continuing to play the game.

PvE (single player, coop) suggestions

1) Premium subscribers should be able to play all single player and coop content regardless of whether or not they have unlocked it. This gives people who just enjoy the single player/coop a reason to actually subscribe, since they currently have very little motivation to do so. As soon as a player unsubscribes they lose access to the content that they have not purchased with points.

This is a similar model to "freemium" MMO's like Dungeons and Dragons Online, which is still profitable due specifically to this business model.

2) One new training mission or coop per month (That doesn't go away like the seasonal ones that were in v1). Again without new content people will stop playing the game. Subscribers would obviously have access if you follow suggestion #1, giving people a reason to stay subscribed. Users could also buy the missions with points if they do not subscribe.

3) Again, give premium subscribers access to a map maker to create user generated training missions and coops. Put in a 1-5 star ranking system and a comment section. There will be WAY more user generated content than the small battledex team could possibly create, and comments and rankings would help players find the good ones.

Other Suggestions:

1) Improved replays - I think it would be awesome to be able to see a real time view of a replay, watching players make their movements and when they change their minds. Quite frankly THIS is what could turn this game into an eSport - you could actually have someone commentate a replay match! I know this is probably a lot to ask for, but I think this could bring the most people to the game if people could watch a Battledex game being commentated on YouTube like Starcraft 2 or League of Legends are currently. So much free publicity could occur from this.

2) Trading - I already made a post earlier in this thread, but it can be repeated here. Trading should be unlocked for "free" non-subscribers as soon as they reach a particular ranking in the game. This gives players motivation to get experience points and prevents every new account from trading to get 3 starter sets of cards. Give players the "hope" that they could trade up and get a good set of cards and they will be more likely to stay longer (and then possibly subscribe if they get invested)

3) Marketing - I'm sure the battledex team is already aware of this, but without consistent marketing you will not continue to get many new players. Even just strategic banner ads on the internet can make a world of difference. The big part of this though is that it should be CONTINUED advertising. As in, as long as the game is running there should be some form of advertising.

With the business model battledex has chosen (freemium) you need a constant influx of customers. Without players the community will die out like it did this past February.

Thanks for reading!


 Post subject: Re: Suggestions to keep subscriber base for v2
PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2012 7:42 am 
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great post and I agree with all of it! As for the map voting/comment system, we could even organize a forum and/or team to pick out the best user-made maps/missions and add them to a special section in-game (all the devs would have to do is look at the ones we pick, agree, and put them in).

My one suggestion that I didn't see you mention is the fact that the client is geared towards small communities like we've always had. It was really bad about that in the version before v2 (after the green hexes background version), and now some of it has improved, but some aspects still need to be revised. For example, the General Chat.. While it's able to suit much more people than last version's General Chat, if we get 50+ guys in there at once, it's still not going to work. Maybe if there were channels and what not (kindof like in StarCraft 1 if you ever played that). General Chat isn't the only issue, just an example

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