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 Post subject: Wishful thinking -- New game type
PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 8:07 pm 
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When I first started playing Battle Dex I thought it would be cool if there was a game mode which would act more like a traditional CCG, where you would draw cards from a deck. I was thinking about this recently and decided to put my thoughts down here.

New game type: Draw Deck

Players create a deck of exactly 60 cards (cannot be less or more). This deck would have the same restrictions as normal deck building - Max 3 of any card, Max 1 of any Hero card. On your first turn you draw a full hand of 12 cards, and on each following turn you draw one card as long as you have less than 12 cards in your hand. This means that in a standard game you would see 41 of the 60 cards if you made it to 30 turns. A button would have to be added on the interface that would let you discard a card during a match, so that in the case you had 12 cards you didn't want to/couldn't use that you could still get rid of one to get a new card the next turn.

So pretty much you would have two players using cards like crazy the entire game. There would likely be more units on the battlefield at any given time, as there would be more enlist. There would be more of everything card related.. airlifts, debuffs, artillery, buffs.

Here is a mockup of how the inventory screen could add these new decks:
Inventory.png [ 196.82 KiB | Viewed 2764 times ]

So you can just hit one of the buttons at the top to switch between traditional and draw style.

You could also differentiate between "Constructed Draw" and "Sealed Draw". I outlined constructed draw above, but you could also have a "Sealed Draw" where your deck would be made up of 8 packs (64 cards minus any cards above the 3 max or 1 max Hero) which you would not be able to see beforehand. I think it would be pretty fun to just have to roll with the cards that come out of the deck.

I know there are lots of other more important things being added to the game right now, but this was just a fun idea I had. Thoughts?

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