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 Post subject: Some replays vs ice9
PostPosted: Fri Dec 24, 2010 4:24 am 
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First of all, thanks for the games man, surely had fun on the matches. It certainly wasn't an easy feat either to beat you.

I just wanted to post the replays, because coincidentally before these matches I realized some things by watching my replays and why I was losing, so I'll try to share the knowledge that I reinforced while playing these games:

- If you plan doing recon + artillery, never rush your recon forward, as it will be killed before your art can fire. Try keep them together, as the 5 vision recon has its the same as arti range, altough a minor artillery could be devastating.
- Rushing a tank alone will not do good if you know there's an artillery just behind. I think tanks are good at the beggining to push for the resource lead, then you can start doing arti. Dependent on map... yeh.
- So in general... rushing single units on a defensive opponent isn't the best idea, and I learned it the hard way.

Well that's so far what I can put together on text for now, any comments welcome.

There's 2 replays on island paradise and 1 on frostbite:


 Post subject: Re: Some replays vs ice9
PostPosted: Fri Dec 24, 2010 11:31 am 
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I was afraid this would happen :).

On Frostbite I completely had everything I needed and had such a nice early lead. But when that happens, it seems I don't set up a defense to control what I have, I keep pushing and pushing because I want revenge :). So then I keep building more tanks and sending them to die, meanwhile your cluster of arties get stronger and stronger. GRRR. You are right that the tanks were great early on, but I should have used my big resource lead to start setting up a strong defense of the middle. There was really no reason to charge forward. I just really want to kill your arties sometimes since you used them so well on me and I kept getting frustrated that they would stay alive the whole game.

One time I stupidly brought Airborne 2 to Island Paradise and decided I wanted to use it, but always didn't have enough gold, or didn't have a Fighter or couldn't drop it for some reason or another. And then I kept waiting and waiting. This card is evil. Don't use it. Also I think I forgot to move a couple of key units once, and I think you had Adrenaline shot + tech infantry in both matches.

Anyway, good games and you are kicking some ass for someone who registered in November. I ended up thinking about these games a lot since it felt like I was a new player all over again, I think I know some of my mistakes.

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