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 Post subject: Today was a good day
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 9:18 pm 

Joined: Fri Feb 11, 2011 9:19 am
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Today I managed to win my first ever 1v1 sealed tournament, beating Soundwave, Theis, FantomKoala and Timebomb.

At first sight my cards didn't seem too great, just 1 HT enlist, a few mercenaries and buffed units, an AA hero, a couple of speed buffs, just one vision debuff and a few other somewhat useful cards.

But in practice the cards matched so well, giving me so much versatility and maneuverability that I managed to beat all four opponents.

Here is the replay of the final:


But the best was yet to come, as I faced against Asfalasarion. The first match he defeated me esaily, as expected from the best sealed player, but in the second match at Close Quarters I felt very optimistic as I had great cards, maybe he would get a bunch of buffed LTs and infantry range buffs and I could win :lol:.

Truth be told, his cards where probably close as good to mine (maybe even equal or a little better) with enough mercenaries, decent support cards and both an AA and Arty hero, giving him great adaptability to what I might throw at him.

I'm not really sure how to be honest, but after a hard struggle I managed to beat him:


But the day still wasn't over, one more 1v1 sealed tournament. Just four players, myself, HighVibes, Geral and a newbie player whose name I can't remember.

I got matched against HighVives and I smiled at my cards: 6 single enlists, 1 LTH, 1 Survey The Field, 1 Pacify Ground, 1 Pacify Air, 1 Guerrilla and 1 Adrenalite Shot.

I managed to beat him, but I must admit he played better as at times the match seemed to tip in his favor, even with his not so great cards.

So, in the final I met Geral. Still with the same great cards, later I learned his where pretty good also.

We fought in Into the Great Wide, just after he said he his cards were better for a small map (lol), I went for the center with all the might of my enlists, while sending lone infantry to sides relying on Guerrilla and even in the LTH to make sure they reached their targets. A few turns later we engaged at the center, I had superior forces, and pacified a LT and Merc Fighter, while he blinded my HT and Recon. In the end I came out ahead, my both Infs reaching their targets and most of Geral's forces defeated. A lone LT of his flanked me and charged against an unprotected arty, at which point I decided to use my LTH to deliver the final blow, everything went as expected and the LT died that turn leaving Geral with basically no troops.


But the epicness was yet to come, as he informed me next turn that he had placed his own LTH on that exact hex that same turn, but it seems I won that coin flip.

I can't honestly say that if his LTH would have placed instead of mine he would have won, I had three resources versus his one, he had one infantry fighting at equal terms with mine for the left resource, which I could have killed using my LTH if neccesary. Leaving him with 60 gold per turn and a loner LHT, there was no way he was going to capture any resources.

In the end, this was a really good Battle Dex day...

 Post subject: Re: Today was a good day
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:03 pm 
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 Post subject: Re: Today was a good day
PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2011 1:35 pm 

Joined: Sun Apr 25, 2010 2:18 pm
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I could kill the inf on the left res as I had armored transport. But the LTH was not what decided that game - although I had good cards, I had no movement so that was already a limiting factor. And, although I had good cards, yours were way superior due to vision, speed, more enlists and pacifies.

Yours were close to perfect, with the 2 inf enlists. My debuffs, the blinds, were near worthless because you had so much enlist something was bound to give you vision.

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