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 Post subject: $500 Beat the Devs Sealed -- Older Report by Undertaker
PostPosted: Tue Aug 03, 2010 11:19 am 

Joined: Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:32 pm
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I played in the $500 dev 1 v 1 sealed deck tournament.

The tournament was an invite only tournament with 16 people. That meant 4 rounds of single elimination. I lost in the semifinals, but I think I played 3 of the best players in the game in my 3 matches. First prize was $500. If any of the developers, moderators, or alpha testers won, we got to keep the $500. It was like a bonus, so we were all playing to win.

My sealed deck was not good. I believe I had the following (I did not write down all of my cards -- I will next time):

*Enlist AA - 65 -- all of the enlist cards are pretty good.
*Enlist Fighter -- I like
Enlist 4 infantry -- good in very limited situations
*Lethal Fighter -- can be good
tech anti air -- expensive
tech artillery -- see above
*AA Hero -- I like him a lot
*Airlift 3 -- can be decent -- better in FFA or team play (coming soon). I love airlift 1 or 2 in 1 v 1 though
Airport -- not a fan in 1 v 1
Blind Infantry Temporary -- terrible. I would like to combine this card with the blind ground cards and get rid of it
Blind Infantry Permanent -- see above
*Minor Repair -- good
Minor Overhaul -- eh
*Adrenaline -- very important on certain boards
*Aviation Octane Boost -- interesting
Infantry training -- decent in the right deck
*Mercenary Heli -- pretty good
* Octane -- can be very good

I think I played the cards with a *. I will keep better track next time. I know I am missing one.

I was paired with Inferno round 1. I think he is one of the best players in the game. He definitely knows what he is doing. We were paired on oasis. I used adrenaline on an infantry to take my close resource on turn 1. I then moved that guy to the forward resource with a firepowered artillery, a lethal fighter, and a jeep as support. Inferno met me at that resource with a merc heli and an AA gun. My figher made short work of the heli and my artillery destroyed his AA. I took the near contorl point and then worked my forces to the other side of the board -- he had taken that resource, but I had a 2 unit advantage as I lost nothing, I barely took damage, and he lost 2 units. I then used enlist fighter and enlist AA to get 2 extra cheap units to engage his forces on the other side. With the 2 extra units, plus the 2 jeep units, I was able to overwhelm him, take the resource, and finish the game relatively quickly. I was happy to win as I have not played much lately (I played a lot in alpha) and the game has changed a lot -- the biggest change was adding a base movement to infantry units (they used to move only 2). This is why some of the infantry cards were unbalanced (read merc special forces) as I had not rebalanced it since the movement increase (an extra space for a merc makes a big difference) -- it is still good. One tough opponent down.

In round 2 I was matched against Sal. He was the other top alpha tester. He is very good. We played on Frostbite, which is one of my favorite boards (I also like Epic, but many people think it is too big -- I like it because it requires a lot of strategy and you can win with terrible cards). This was a 30 turn battle. We went back and forth in the middle, but sal eventually took it with an legend artillery protecting it. He also had fighters, AA, and jeeps. I could not get it back with my crappy card set. That gave him a resource advantage. I decided to forget the resource and go for a control point. No one had any.at this point and it was turn 21. We had both been battling over the middle and the side resources so fiercely that we neither had a chance to get a control point. I was able to turn the control point on turn 23. I then sacrificed a heli to take out Sal's infantry going for the other side control point. I was able to use an artillery and jet to take out his infantry going for the middle control point. By turn 26, Sal had four resources and a dominating board posiiton, but no CPs. I bunkered down the side control point I had with my entire remaining force -- not much -- 2 AAs and an artillery. I kept making AAs to protect the control point. Sal eventually took 2 control points, but it was too late. I won at the turn limit 7 to 6. Could not have been closer.

Game 3 was against Solid. I could not catch a break this tournament. Lousy cards and the 3 top guys. We also played on frostbite. Solid pretty much outplayed me. I sent an airboosted fighter to harass his infantry taking his near resource. He killed it with an AA and a merc fighter I think. I then lost a skirmish in the middle to Jeep hero killing my adrenalined infantry and an artillery, which soon became legendary. I was able to take the middle back for a few turns and had resource advantage 3-2 . Solid used an artillery blast to kill my artillery, he then took back the middle and I could never get resource advantage again. I thought I had him for a while, but I think he was always in control given his cards. It was a good match that he won soundly. I will get him next time.

Solid played Justice in the finals. Apparently, Justice dominated him with superior cards and a great start. I will let one of them tell you about that match. Congratulations to Justice for winning the $500. We convinced the company to do another $500 dev tournament. I am hoping for my $500 bonus next week. I hope to see you there.

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