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 Post subject: $150 Sealed Victory by Justice
PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:22 am 

Joined: Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:19 pm
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Not much of a report.

I got above average to very good cards. I had an adrenaline, which I love, a few cheap enlists, which I think are always good, a merc fighter, a no fly zone, two repairs (50 and 100 points), a berserk, and an airlift 2. I liked the berserk with the two heals. My plan was for a heavy tank to wreck house.

Airlift is still very powerful, but I really like the nerf they did. I thought the non movement was going to be irrelevant, since you always airlift the units into combat, but it turns out it is a big deal. I always want to move the guys I airlifted. This was a great fix as it did not change the card and still made it very playable, but really lowered the power. I thought it was a bad fix originally, but after playing with it, I think it was brilliant. Good job. What do others think.

My first game was vs. Legalas. I knew he must have had a great deck as he beat Jojo and Ghry. I was worried. His deck was good, but not great. He has gotten a lot better. We were on crossfire. He did not have any infantry speed (a killer on that board). He got off to a very bad start and a berserk heavy cleaned house on one side. I ended up with 5 of the 7 resources pretty quickly, which is doom on that board.

Finals were a real tough game vs. Mythos. He had a great deck and played well. I got two lucky breaks or he would have won. See if you can figure out what they were. The biggest problems for me were an AA hero and 3 airlifts. Everyone told me he had a great deck before we played, but I did not want to know what he had. I was expecting FIghter hero or Light Tank hero with ranged artillery and maybe an airlift. I was not expecting 3 airlifts.

Luckily, he airlift 2 arts away from my berserk heavy. I repaired the heavy, airlift him to the arts, and cleaned up both arts and the infantry guy and other unit he had there. Berserk veteran heavy is a problem.

Great Game Mythos.


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