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 Post subject: Feedback: Coops!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:49 am 
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So hey, I thought I should probably tell the devs what I thought about the difiiculty of all coops and what I think could be improved/change, so why don't you follow me on discussing here :)

Coops 1-4
Not really much to say about, they are (as supposed) easy.

Coop 5 - Caged
I had my issues with this because I saw no way in solving this but due to the fact that you can slightly "abuse" the AI it gets fairly easy. Gold should also be no problem. just not eager to do this right now. Reward is fair compared to what you have to do.

Coop 6 Bermuda Triangle
I did this with chrism and I have to say: Medium rather than easy. I mean we beat it on the first try but only because i luckily build another inf. I would call this medium compared to the easy ones.

Coop 7 Seek and Destroy
I did this mission twice, once with witcher and once with Snapfire. I would say the right say is by far harder but once you figured out whats comingn ot big of a deal. Still - I would not call this easy but rather medium, because right side is not easy.

Coop 8 Heroes Welcome
JEEEEEEEEEZ! Luckily Hezzu knew what to do or I would have been screwed on this one. The tactic he used worked perfectly out for us but definitly: The reward is too less for what to do. We only beat it because we all had Squad Leaders. Maybe 500XP?

coop 9 Triangle of War
Since I did this after playing outnumbered for like 3 hours i guess it was fairly easy. good reward also.

Coop 10 - Snow Fortress
Now that you lose if one of your team dies it will be far harder.

Coop 11 - The Pit
Too easy imho, even for an easy one.

Coop 12 -Coordinated attack
Medium is cool on this one, reward is fair.

Coop 13 - Manhunt
Holy shit. But with the right tactic it worked too and wasn't actually insane, but higher than hard I would say. Without range on your fighters you probably won't be able to do this.

Coop 14- Maze of War
I liked this one ALOT! It is really good and I think you can do alot of other tactics than the one we did. Still - The reward, is cool.

Coop 15 -Arena
Holy WHACK! It is close ot being unbeatable. We did because when we did it, you woudn't lose when a base gets destroyed. You need cons crew on this mission and because of this, I don't think the reward is fair, probably change it to 2 Packs, 1 PP?

Coop 16 -Outnumbered
My personal nemesis. I have never hated chrism so much like when I played this mission.
The medals are RIDICOULUS, you can barely beat it. And after all - TRAINING? AND A TRANSPORT?
I know I can't get this anymore but this is almost insane and I think you should put a pack on the line here.

Coop 17 - Highway to Hell
Cool Mission but 5th cp is evil as hell. Still beatable tho, reward is more than fair.

Coop 18 - Quest
I think if I remember correctly this was freaking hard. We barely got it, but thats allright for hard mission.

Coop 19 - Fair Fight
Its fair (LOL!).

Coop 20 - Maginificent Seven
Is a joke. Make it either easy or make the mission harder.

Coop 21 - Star Wars
I did this with ice on my team so it HAS to be easy (j/k).
Reward is maybe too much with the hero.

Coop 22 - Tower Defense
Won't comment this cuz I got it through bug ;)

Coop 23 - Assassination
Too easy imho. Denyo beat this ALONE! Reward is cool but you know as I said: too easy.

Coop 24 -Superior Numbers
Hard as said. Right strategy might get Medals in range, time will prove.

Coop 25 - Surrounded
Bug made this easy. Not sure about it other way.

Coop 26 - Protect the President
Hmpf showed me in on this so it was easier. Would call it medium tho.

Coop 27 - Hex
Alright with the right cards, hard with the wrong ones, undoable with tech light tank.

Coop 28 - Collosseum
Is a joke compared to arena/the training. Hard maybe but not the last one before the insanes.

Coop 29- Enemy Withhin
A challenge? Yes. Freaking insane? Yes. Undoable? No. There may also be other strats than the ones we did, but the medals are currently out of reach

Coop 30- Final Frontier
Not done yet.

Complete all reward: Fair for the amount of time spent :)

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