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 Post subject: New Card Text
PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2012 6:16 pm 
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I saw a few problems with the rewritten card text and so I figured I would put my thoughts here.

Enlist Cards:
Enlist 2 Helis - Remove the word units. Should read Place two Helis...
Enlist Recon - Should say Place ONE not Place A

Buffed Units Cards:
You switched from the one/two/four format of the enlist back to the a/an format.
Might want to consider keeping the format the same for all cards. This is important because some cards already fit the format (EX - Kevlar Infantry 2) and there should be consistent rules for writing card text.

To remain consistant mechanical units are repaired and infantry are healed.
Air Overhaul - Should read "repair" instead of "heal"
Major Air Overhaul - Same
Major Overhaul - Same
Minor Air Overhaul - Same
Minor Overhaul - Same
Overhaul - Same

I really don't like the parenthesis on the tank depot card... maybe something like this instead:
Tank Depot - Repair any combination of 3 Heavy or Light Tanks by 50 HP each.

Slightly reduced stats implies that multiple stats change, and currently the ONLY difference between normal and merc units is max hp. Unless this is going to change I feel this is unneccessary.

Perhaps instead:
Place one Mercenary Artillery in your Starting Area with -10 maximum HP. This unit leaves the battlefield in 5 turns.


Place one Mercenary Artillery in your Starting Area with -10 maximum HP and limited duration.
(This is fine because the duration is also listed on the card)

OR to save space

Place one Merc Artillery in your Starting Area with -10 max HP and limited duration.
(I don't like this one as much... I don't like the abbreviation of merc if it can be avoided. If this is the route that is chosen then all of the cards names should be changed to Merc instead of Mercenary as well.)

This maintains the writing standards that were set in place for Buffed Units and it is more specific for the player looking to use the card. It also allows for new cards to easily fit into this standard: EX Place two Mercenary Artillery...

Finally, the text on Merc Special Forces is too long to read on the card. Either abbreviations or font size reduction need to occur. Or the developers could add in scrolling text on longer cards, but that might be a lot of work.

Merc HP Difference

AA -20
Artillery -10
Fighter -15
Heavy Tank -35
Heli -15
Infantry -5
Light Tank -20
Recon -10

Otherwise the changes look great. Keep up the good work Bubbles.


 Post subject: Re: New Card Text
PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:26 pm 
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Thanks Roth, I'll get to work on this. I appreciate the help! And yeah, I tried to remove the word "units" from all of it (ex. "one artillery unit" -> "one artillery"). However the patch was released while my work was only about 30% done and I didnt get to triple check yet, so thisll help. Thanks!

EDIT: All changes listed in the OP have been fixed on the Recon server and will be updated next patch. And idk what I was thinking with the mercenaries, I couldve sworn they did slightly less damage as well, which is why I changed it. I'm changing it to -## HP so people know the exact difference if they wanna use it

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