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 Post subject: RIFT
PostPosted: Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:52 am 
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I checked out RIFT beta (the last week of beta) and was overall somewhat unimpressed

The system requirements are much higher than WoW and the graphics look atrocious if not on a pretty good computer. If you run it on a crappy little laptop like me, the game is almost unplayable
With that aside, there are still a TON of small things that should be fixed before they release it (kinda late for that though). Typo's, tutorial explanations, stuff like that

The Class system is pretty neat though. There are 4 "callings": warrior (plate armor), cleric (mail armor), rogue (leather armor), and mage (cloth armor). Each Calling has 9 "souls" which are like talent specs in WoW. Every character can have 3 souls. I played a warrior, so some of the souls were for Sword/Shield DPS, Sword/Shield Tanking, 2h DPS, Dual-Wielding DPS, Ranged with Pet, PVP, and a few others. One thing I thought was pretty stupid was that I was only level 7 and i already had 2 "keep on permanently" buffs, and had several more on their way.

The interface was cool too. You can actually move around EVERY part of the UI and save your preferences. However, the class system and UI features did not make up for the shitty graphics, minor errors, and high system requirements. All in all, I was unimpressed with the game, but I have no doubt some people will love it

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