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 Post subject: swiss tournament
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 2:11 am 
Battle Dex Testing Team
Battle Dex Testing Team
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Post your replays from swiss money tourney here.

I had cards, which Geral would probably comment as very very bad, but it worked pretty well. I would just like one medic to this combination.

So if anyone is interested :

mrcaos: I think he lost when he fortified his artilery

timebomb: same map, same cards same strategy. He was doing some unexpected moves, or it just was bad strategy from the start

unclemario: again same map. I have changed strategy after previous loss and it worked pretty well.

valkyre: his light tank rush stooped by merc heavy. This heavy was very useful int this game. You might say I was lucky to have this card, but only 2 lts are not enough for rush.

thor: we had almost mirror tactics. But I was more lucky :) .

again thor: now we knew each other cards. Especially I knew he has guerilla and medic, which is bad on bigger maps, especially when I did not have any binoculars :) . So this one was pretty quick. I didnt expect the airlift and I didnt have money for the minor arty then, next round was too late.

It took 5 hours, poor Thor played to 6 am :) ( or more ) . Overall it was good, you can play more matches, and with people on your level. Just when there is only prize for winner, than there is no point in staying if you have 2 losses ( well there is point if you just want to play ) .

Also that you play same player twice should vbe fixed. We were first 2 with Thor last 2 rounds and that forced us to play together twice in a row. After that we knew each other cards

Also we couldnt get both to finals because of this. In last round there were 4 people with same number of wins. First 2 ( decided by tie breakers ) played together. In all normal competitions first would play fourth and second vs third. I guess this is the way of swiss tourney, I just dont like it.

Congrats to Thor, he deserved to win this. He lost only one match and I was pretty lucky in it.

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 Post subject: Re: swiss tournament
PostPosted: Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:44 am 

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Nope, I wouldn't classify those as very very bad. They were about average. 2 enlist, 2 mercs, 1 debuff, 1 way of getting movement though sub-optimal(death march), minor art, 1 debuff. Not good - no vision, no range, little movement, not so much enlist, but really not "very very bad".

"very very bad" is 0 enlist, 0 mercs (depending on map - might be bad even with a few if it's a large map and slow mercs), 0-1 debuffs, no movement. And it happens a lot more than one would expect.

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