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 Post subject: $250 Match v Witcher
PostPosted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:25 am 

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Infantry Hero is good -- http://battledexgame.com/game.php?game_id=16475
Witcher's cards were sick -- http://battledexgame.com/game.php?game_id=16537

I played a best of 3 sealed against Witcher for $250. Replays are above.

The first game was all about my cards. It was on Island Paradise. I had an eject for a merc heli and an infantry hero that gave me two resources and totally swung the game in my favor. I also had a ranged artillery wihich was very helpful.

The second game I got average to above average cards. The game was on Desert Duel. I had no infantry speed buffs and no transports. I had a lone airborne for infantry "movement." Not optimal. I also had no buffed infantry (e.g. tech, guerilla, etc.). The deck also lacked a good enlist.

My hardest choice was a second no fly zone or a permanent blind any. I went with the no fly zone since the permanet blind any is often not very good (though I don't like playing 2 no fly zones, because you could end up with 2 dead slots in certain situations).

I had airborn, marksman artillery, firepower, enlist recon, 2x no fly zone, octane, blind ground, airpower, heli merc, and binoculars.

My plan was to put octane and firepower on the marksman artillery, pair him with a binocular recon and control the middle.

Wichter had great cards this game. He had 2 enlist fighter, enlist artillery, enlist infantry, mer infantry, adrenaline, AA hero, deathmarch, transport, blind temp air and ground, and tech infantry. Those are great cards. I'm still surprised I won.

Witcher started out with 2 fighters, an adrenalined infantry to his close resource, a merc infnatry to middle and an artillery to middle. I had 2 regular infantry, a ranged artillery, a binocular recon, and an AA.

I no flyed one of his fighters and was going to get my AA in range when I saw the second fighter. My Artillery was taking out his infantry and I had a decision to make with my FP -- buff the AA or the artillery.

I decided to buff the AA and no fly the other fighter. This was the turning point in the game. He put his infnatry in a tranport and took out my infantry with his artillery, but I managed to kill one fighter, kill the artillery, kill the transport and significnatly weaken the other fighter. Bincoulars really were amazing for me as they gave me vision of his fighters despite a blind on my AA -- he never knew I had the vision recon.

The game would have been over if he didnt anticipate my merc heli and take it out with his AA hero. I was still ahead and was able to keep contorol of the middle and eventually take all of the resources.

Too take the right resource, I sent an injured light tank and injured AA. I knew he had an injured fighter somewhere and I assumed it was at the resource. It turned out it was flying around, but it did go to the resource at the wrong time. That was a good break for me, though I was expecting the fighter somewhere so it was not a total break.

Witcher played extremely well in both games. He is very tough to beat and I caught some breaks. Even in the second game when he had superior cards, I was fortuante enough to have 2 no fly zones to neutralize the early fighter wave, which would have killed me otherwise.

I'm sure Witcher will break onto the money list soon. He is just too good not to be on that list.

 Post subject: Re: $250 Match v Witcher
PostPosted: Thu Jul 29, 2010 2:03 am 
Battle Dex Testing Team
Battle Dex Testing Team
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Both games were tough and close. And both games Undertaker deserved to win. Great games.

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