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Game Name:free battlematch 1v1constructed
Map:Island Paradise
Victory Points: 25
Starting Gold: 450

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Rating Player Replay Link
1689 Random832
1766 Jonulix


Victim says
"you must be pretty embarrassed, your base got killed by light tanks just running up to it and killing it"
posted 2011-02-06 @ 11:27
Jonulix says
"It wasnt a base rush, but the coin was on my side :D and also the inf killed the HQ xD"
posted 2011-02-06 @ 11:49
Random832 says
"AH THIS WAS PUBLISED?!?!!? NOOOOOOO I must hide forever~~"
posted 2011-02-07 @ 04:30
HighVibes says
"very odd game, indeed. Don't worry, Random, we all do dumb stuff sometimes :)"
posted 2011-02-07 @ 08:26
Thor21 says
"Nice to see my former Ranger get a lot of action there :D"
posted 2011-02-09 @ 05:27
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