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Game Name:tournament
Victory Points: 25
Starting Gold: 400

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1939 WitcherSRS
1747 JamesTheSmoker


"I think i was close to win, but did a mistake. I think i have only to wait and defend my cp, but i saw he left his resource without anyone, so I tried to cap it, but he took mine insted and I lose the game...Maybe if i didnt surrender, he would not cap both cp in time to win, but, i dont know..."
posted 2011-02-14 @ 01:14
dojadoug says
"I didn't even have to watch the whole thing to see your mistake. Turns 10 and 11 are where it happen. On turn 9, you move your ranged arty back toward your base along the road... good. But on turn 10, you veer off the road and move your arty into the middle. Instead on turn 10, your arty should have moved back behind the tree line. It had range, so this would be a perfect position for it. Your AA Hero should also have trailed your ranged arty.

This is a classic mistake I used to make and until I corrected it I allowed many good opponents to come back in games where I took the early lead. You reached factory first and you took CP first (his wasn't even taken by turn 11). All you have to do is defend that factory and that CP.

When you take a key factory or CP first, move back to a position as far away as possible where you can still defend it. They have to come to you, you are gaining on them each turn by having that key factory or CP. I have lost so many games because I push forward or don't pull back after winning an initial victory. When you are close to somebody's base its easy for them to build whatever is necessary to counter what you have, and its easy to give back in kills what you won during the opening encounter if you push too close. =)"
posted 2011-02-14 @ 03:36
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